April 13, 2024

What Are The main symptoms of lice

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The most common symptom of pediculosis lice is itching and can be treated in Lice Treatment montgomery. If you notice that your child often scratches his head, it is necessary to carry out an inspection as soon as possible, especially

  • around the ears
  • Close to the nape and neck

Near The Scalp

Sometimes, it is also possible to observe (under good light) small red dots on the skull: these are lice bites


A simple examination of the head can detect the presence of lice. If you are unsure, it is also possible to seek the help of a professional (pharmacist, doctor, etc.) such as LiceDoctors for example.

Possible Risks Of Complications

Having lice is not dangerous in itself. However, if pediculosis is not treated, the infestation can be very itchy, and the child will sometimes scratch until it bleeds. There are then formations of crusts (galls) which can occasionally become infected and become purulent.

Lice Treatment

Several insecticidal shampoos on the market are very effective in eliminating lice. It is necessary to seek advice from your pharmacist, as some products may not be recommended for young children. In all cases, the treatment is essentially the same and consists of a few simple steps: application of the product, waiting time, rinsing, the passage of a fine comb (or lice comb) to remove dead insects, and drying the hair.

Treatment shampoos kill lice but do not eliminate nits, which are very resistant. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out a new application 7 to 10 days after the first to eliminate the lice that will have hatched during this period.

In addition, it is often necessary to treat all members of the same family simultaneously and thoroughly clean personal items (hairbrush and other accessories) and textiles that may have come into contact with insects (sheets, pillows, caps, clothes, etc.)

It may happen that a product is not effective for certain people. If this is the case, it is necessary to carry out a new treatment with a different shampoo. Make sure, however, that the treatment was done the right way! The instructions for use must be followed to the letter.

Lice Prevention

There is no preventive treatment against lice. Even if you hear that pediculosis is present in your child’s school, it is not by giving him a preventive shampoo that he will avoid the infestation. Moreover, these products contain powerful insecticides that can attack the scalp if repeated too frequently.

The only way to avoid (perhaps) head lice are to teach your certain child precepts:

  • He must not lend or exchange his personal effects (hats, scarves)
  • He must not touch the heads of his comrades with his own
  • He must notify you immediately if he learns a friend has lice, etc.
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