April 12, 2024

Signs You Should Get Your Wisdom Tooth Removed 

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Imagine having a headache and a swollen jaw when you wake up one morning. You attempt to brush your teeth, but the pain in your wisdom teeth prevents you from doing so. This is an indication that you should schedule an appointment with a dentist to have your wisdom teeth removed. Since medicine may temporarily make wisdom teeth less problematic, you decide not to have them extracted. 

However, if you exhibit any of the signs listed below, it is best to have your wisdom teeth removed. Furthermore, you can contact a dentist in Upland, CA if you need clarification on getting your wisdom tooth removed.

When Should I Get My Wisdom Tooth Removed?

  • Your gum pain is increasing 

Your wisdom tooth will give you jaw pain, but if this pain does not fade away with painkillers, then it is a clear sign for you to get your wisdom tooth removed. 

Since your wisdom tooth is located in the back area of your mouth, you will feel pain in this area, especially when you eat. If the pain continues to increase even after a dental visit, then it is a sign of wisdom tooth removal surgery.

  1. You have gum inflammation 

Wisdom tooth irritates your gums as it flares up. It makes your gum tender, and you will notice inflammation and redness in your mouth. Additionally, you will also experience swollen and bleeding gums, and to get rid of them, it is suggested to remove your wisdom tooth.

  • Your jaw area is stiff

Another sign to remove your wisdom tooth is feeling stiffness in your jaw area. When you talk or eat, you will sense stiffness in your jaw this is due to the mangled jaw due to wisdom teeth. This mangled jaw causes issues in chewing and leads to improper digestion, which further causes severe health issues. Therefore, it should be treated immediately.

  • You are having oral cysts

When your wisdom teeth pop out of the gum, it irritates the area around it, leading to the formation of cysts. The oral cysts further develop into tumors and cause serious health issues. Furthermore, it can cause tooth decay and cavities to the other teeth and damage your jawbone.

  • You are having headache and earache

The effects of wisdom teeth are not limited to your jaw area; they cause issues in other body parts as well. It can cause you continuous headaches and earache. In some cases, a wisdom tooth can lead to sinus problems. This happens due to the growth of the root of your wisdom tooth, making your head feel heavy and your ears stiff.

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