May 18, 2024

Pediatric Dental Emergencies — How To Handle Them.

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In a place like Brooklyn, New York, people have busy lives, and navigating through the complexities of dental emergencies can get tricky. One must remain prepared to handle such situations with effectiveness. Children are more susceptible to getting into mishaps as they play outside and indulge in various extracurricular activities. They can get their teeth knocked out due to an accident or falling on the ground. 

It can be a distressing situation for both parents and children. Thus, it becomes essential to consult a dentist in Brooklyn, NY. They can thoroughly assess the damage to the tooth and suggest the proper treatment for your kid. 

Let us look at how you can effectively handle various pediatric dental emergencies: 

Prolong toothache in children

  • Toothache can occur because of getting into an accident that may seem minor at first, but if it leads to prolonged toothache, it can be due to some underlying problem in your teeth. 
  • Another reason can be from falling or due to a decaying tooth that can lead to significant toothache. 
  • In such cases, wash your child’s mouth with warm water and gently floss. However, you must consult a dentist to be on the safer side. It can also be a sign of some underlying dental problem that must be checked on time. 

Traumatic injuries resulting from falling or playing 

  • Children love to play outside. However, falling on a rough surface can result in dental injuries like knocked-out teeth or injuries to vulnerable parts of the mouth, leading to dental traumas. 
  • It is suggested that if your child’s tooth gets knocked out, a dental crown can help in saving the tooth. Moreover, seek dental care immediately and do not let the injury get more complicated. Dentists in Brooklyn can tell the extent of damage and make adequate dental treatment plans. 

Treatment options in case of broken orthodontic appliances 

  • Children who have braces or other orthodontic appliances need to be careful while playing. However, if the child gets the bracket of braces broken or other orthodontic appliances, one must seek dental care. 
  • At hand, one can cover the sharp end of a bracket with orthodontic wax. In case you do not have that, try to cover the area with gauze to prevent any injury. 
  • You can also contact a pediatric dentist and ask them about some temporary solution. Once you can reach out to a dentist, get a proper treatment done for your child. 

Get proper treatment from a dentist in Brooklyn!

While these are some solutions to deal with the dental emergency, they are still temporary. Get a proper treatment for your child done by a skilled dentist.