April 12, 2024

Foods To Eat If You Suffer From Gum Disease 

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It is scary that most people with gum disease do not realize they have the condition. In order to know you have gum disease and how progressed it is, you must get regular dental checkups. This way, you can identify the red flags and get prompt treatment. Gum disease in its initial stages is called gingivitis, while periodontitis is a more progressed and dangerous stage. 

All gum disease is caused due to bacterial accumulation and growth in your mouth, which happens due to poor oral hygiene. If you suffer from gum disease, there are certain foods you should eat to promote the well-being of your gums. Visit a periodontist in King of Prussia, PA, for proper treatment.

Foods to eat if you suffer from gum disease 

  • Omega-3. 

It is important to include Omega-3’s in your meals for a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. Foods with Omega-3 contain anti-inflammatory properties that soothe your gums. In addition to providing nutrients to your body, Omega-3s also help heal existing gum diseases and reverse the damage. Some Omega-3 enriched foods include the following: 

  • Pistachios
  • Mackerel
  • Salmon
  • Sesame seeds
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Herring

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Fresh fruits and vegetables are crunchy, full of fiber, and help keep the teeth clean and healthy. They also lower your risk of plaque build-up. Chewing crunchy fruits and veggies keeps your teeth clean of bacteria and gives you the required nutrients. 

  • Probiotics. 

Probiotics can help grow good bacteria in your mouth and protect against gum disease and plaque buildup. Fermented foods can combat the growth of bacteria and prevent oral pathogens. In a study, some candidates were given fermented dairy. They experienced a higher resistance to gum disease as compared with other people. 

  • Green tea. 

Green tea is famous for its anti-oxidants and high levels of catechin, which is one of the top nutrients to fight gum disease. It is also discovered that green tea can inhibit the effects of periodontal disease. Green tea’s anti-bacterial properties also help fight plaque and bacteria formation. 

  • Cacao. 

Cacao also contains high amounts of catechin, a disease-combating element. It is an excellent item to include in your diet as it fights plaque, tooth decay, and cavities. The substances in cacao are actually better at fighting tooth decay than fluoride. One specific compound in cacao also helps to make your enamel stronger. If you want to consume cacao, get up to 70% or higher raw chocolate. 

These are some foods you should eat if you have gum disease. To seek treatment, visit a periodontist today. 

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